My body is mine – the theme of body and soul

4. 6. 2023 15:00 - 16:30 CO.LABS - chatička

The My Body Is Mine (MBIM) project started its activities two years ago. The MBIM project is a non-profit initiative dealing primarily with the topic of body shaming, removing its taboo and opening a discussion about it in society. The main goal is to create a platform not only for the victims of body shaming but above all to educate the public and implement prevention programs for schools.
During the workshop we want the participants to become familiar with the concept of body shaming, where are the limits of commenting on others, we want to create a space to reflect on our own perception of differences and the essence of respect for ourselves and others. Ultimately we are concerned with reducing the risk of mental illness, unhealthy relationships with our own bodies, self-harm, and suicide.

Event is Czech language only!

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